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Tokiko Y. Bazzell
Japan Studies Librararian
Tel: +1 808-956-2315
Fax: +1 808-956-5968 or +1 956-2318

Size of collection

Books: ca. 131 titles; ca. 330 vols
Manuscripts: ca. 121 titles; ca. 218 vols
Single-Sheet Items: ca. 111 titles; ca. 136 sheets

It is very difficult to determine what is rare, how to count single sheets, even how to count titles. Some old books are combined as one with different titles (gappon), some single sheet items are bound as if they look like a book, some books share the same title but slightly different contents, etc.
Since the items in the Library special collection, Sakamaki / Hawley Collection, are not cataloged, the Library used its possible interpretations for these difficult items. Therefore, the numbers cited above are not definitive, rather, approximate numbers.

Access to bibliographic data

A)Online catalogues

B)Printed catalogues
Matsui, Masato. Ryukyu: an annotated bibliography, Honolulu: Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, Council for Japanese Studies, University of Hawaii, 1981.
Sakamaki, Shunzo. Ryukyuan research resources at the University of Hawaii. Honolulu: Social Science Research Institute, University of Hawaii, 1965.

How can researchers gain access to the material?

Material Availability for Researchers' Viewing / Examination. Please see the library's website.
Some items are available from the closed shelved general collections. However, the Japan Special Collections are restricted, meaning they are available for study but cannot be checked out. Access is available only to scholars conducting significant research. Because many items have not been cataloged, arrangements for the retrieval of requested materials must be made well in advance.
Please discuss your research needs with the Japan Specialist Librarian by submitting your request for materials to the Japan Specialist Librarian via email or mail prior to your visit to the Library.
Please allow at least two (2) weeks advance notice and include your name(s), affiliation(s) and contact information. If your research does not require viewing of original materials, microfilms or photocopies will be provided instead, whenever available.

Select bibliography of publications about the collections (books, articles)

*Hōrei sōkan. Tōkyō: Honpō Shoseki, 1982.(Many individual articles. Some reproductions with articles.)

Is reproduction of the material permitted ?

Photocopying, photographing and digitizing of materials are generally not permitted. However, special exceptions may be made at the Library's discretion.