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1425 Jayhawk Blvd. Lawrence, KS 66045-7544, USA


Michiko Ito
Japanese Studies Librarian
Tel: +1 (785) 864-4669
Fax: +1 (785) 864-3580

Size of collection

The Japanese Studies librarian is currently investigating the size and type of the collection. Dozens of books and a few manuscripts are stored in different locations. Some of the materials have not been fully catalogued.

Collection description

KU owns popular titles such as Wakan sansei zue and Hokusai manga as well as handbooks such as Daiku eyō zakkō zōkei and Sōka tsuki no sakae. KU also has a manuscript set of Musashi-no-kuni Saitama-ken Kochigaya-machi kenchisuichō utsushi.

Access to bibliographic data

Online catalogues
If catalogued, the materials can be searched by KU OPAC and WorldCat.

How can researchers gain access to the material?

The KU Library is open to the public, and if the materials are catalogued and shelved in regular stacks, they are readily available for checkout and ILL. If the materials are stored in Annex (storage), a retrieval request must be made in advance.
However, most of the materials are stored at KU's archive, Kenneth Spencer Research Library and eventually all materials will be moved to either Spencer Library or Annex. As for the materials stored at Spencer Library, materials are retrieved upon request and they are used only in the Reading Room.
Since the availability of use depends on the location, advance inquiry or reservation with a Japanese Studies librarian is strongly recommended.

Is reproduction of the material permitted ?

With the exception of materials stored at Spencer Research Library, all materials are available for scanning/photo copying. For the materials stored at Spencer Research Library, photocopies or scanning may require staff's approval.