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Akira Hirano
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Size of collection

Books: approximately 30 items.
Maps: approximately 60 pieces (including maps published in Europe)
Fragments of Buddhist scriptures: around 15 pieces from Heian to Edo periods
Ukiyoe Prints: approximately 40 pieces (including prints made after 1868)

Collection description

Fragments are donation from Professor Geoffrey Bownas
Maps and prints are on long term loan from Sir Hugh and Lady Cortazzi. (Sir Hugh is a former British Ambassador to Japan) The Cortazzi collection of maps of Japan includes both maps made in Japan and Europe, which date from the early sixteenth century to the nineteenth century. Most of the ukiyoe prints in the collection are so-called ‘Yokohama-e’, which depict foreigners in Japan. There are also some prints of sumo wrestlers.

Access to bibliographic data

A )Online catalogues

B)Printed catalogues
  • Old maps can be found in “Isles of gold : antique maps of Japan” by Hugh Cortazzi. Weatherhill, 1983 (ISBN: 0-8348-0184-1)
  • Some of the prints are in “Arts of Asia”(vol. 35 no. 5, Sep.-Oct., 2005) pp. 63-75entitled “Yokohama-e : Japanese prints of foreigners in the late 19th century” by Hugh Cortazzi.
  • Prints and fragments cannot be searched via the Internet

How can researchers gain access to the material?

The library is open to the public by appointment only. All materials are for use within the Library. It is advisable to let the Librarian know which materials are required when you make an appointment.

Is reproduction of the material permitted ?

As maps and prints are on long term loan from Sir Hugh and Lady Cortazzi, their permission is required.