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This list of examples of technical terms/phraseology useful for cataloguing antiquarian Japanese materials has been derived from the online catalogues of Tenri Central Library.

Descriptive Cataloging Guidelines for Pre-Meiji Japanese Books

Enlarged and Revised Edition, 2011


The instructor of the course is Prof. Nobuyuki Kanechiku (兼築信行)and language is in Japanese. This online course may be a good start / enhancement

Mini-workshop, dealing with Japanese antiquarian materials for librarians

conducted by Mr Takashi Kuramochion (Keio Univeristy) on 4th November 2015 at the British Library

Intensive Workshop in Japanese Textual Scholarship

Based in Cambridge University




[Collection of patterns used on book covers]
This illustrated survey, originally published by the National Institute of Japanese Literature in 2004, is an invaluable resource for bibliographers, curators, conservators and others who need to provide accurate descriptions of patterns on Japanese book covers, textiles etc.